ASAP Auto Transportation is a 5 Star Rated family owned and operated auto transport company. We work around the clock with multiple licensed, bonded and insured carriers and ensure great customer service and communication. We fully understand the sense of urgency in all situations and never make a promise we can’t keep! With over 10+ years in the industry, we founded our new branch with a whole new concept! We accurately price each car shipment based on our customer’s sense of urgency and stand by our name when getting you your vehicle, boat, motorcycle, or piece of machinery AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Your best option when choosing a car transporter! We ship it all BIG OR SMALL!!

  • DOT#: 3063187
  • CDL#: Upon Request
  • MC#: 056474
  • Categories Served: Auto Transport,Heavy Equipment Hauling,Boats and Power Sports,Motorcycle & ATV/UTV Shipping

Auto Haulers and Trailer Types

Car shipping companies most used methods of auto transportation and different trailer types can be found below!!

Open Auto Transport

This is the most common method used in auto transport. While it is your cheapest option, your vehicle is fully protected through the car shipping company’s insurance policy. This will be provided to you before your vehicle is loaded and will range from policies of $250,000.00 to upward of a million dollars depending how many vehicles the trailer carries.

Dry Van

Dry Van trailers are generally enclosed and are commonly used to carry and protect freight from the harmful elements of the weather or the roads. Your shipment can be loaded on the rear of the trailer, normally using a loading dock. In cases where a loading dock is not available, some trailers come equipped with lift gates that can help get your freight from the ground to the trailer and back again.


A Lowboy Trailer is an unpowered trailer which is commonly used to haul freight. These kinds of trailers are generally designed to carry and transport taller items. This means that the items to be carried by a Lowboy Trailer are taller than the legal height of items that are commonly carried by flatbeds. The types of trailers are also good for hosteling freight between loading docks or within a freight yard.


At a significantly higher rate you can choose to place your vehicle in an enclosed auto hauler. This is more commonly used for luxury and classic car shipments, as well as for low profile and performance vehicle transportation. Please speak to one of our specialists for an accurate quote. Don't forget to ask them why we're the best company to ship a car!


Flatbeds are extremely popular and are widely used because they are very versatile. Generally, a flatbed is used to load freights on its tip, sides, and rear. With these capabilities, flatbeds have become a primary and leading assets of the trucking industry.

Step Deck

Stepdeck Trailers are otherwise known as drop decks and they are actually a variation of the flatbed trailer design that mainly consists of a bottom and top deck. These trailers are specifically designed to haul freight that cannot be transported on a standard type of flatbed, often due to height restrictions. Step decks can be open or they can also be enclosed in a dry van or Conestoga style of trailer.


Family Owned & Operated

What you'll get from us that differs from other auto transport companies is the way we interact with our customers. We don't pass you off to countless sales people who are unfamiliar with your car shipment. You are in constant contact with your booking agent throughout the entire transport. We are a family business with 10+ years’ experience and conduct ourselves accordingly. The main complaint from customers in this business is poor communication and we have set up a structured work environment to assure we are here around the clock for any assistance needed. Each of our customers are provided with the booking agent’s personal phone number and we encourage them to reach out for updates any day of the week! Try us out and don't forget to ask why we're the BEST COMPANY TO SHIP A CAR!


We understand the demand for quick vehicle transportation. We quote our clients accurately, based on the level of urgency, with no hidden fees. Received a lower quote from other car shipping companies? Ask your vehicle transportation agent to see if we can match it!


We don't charge ridiculous booking or cancellation fees nor do we take on more orders than we can handle. We run our business as a family and guarantee to make our customers feel right at home .

Auto Transport Nationwide

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Sat : 10:00 am – 04:00 pm
Sun : Closed

Address : 149 Belk Ct, Clayton, NC 27520, US
Phone : (954) 288-0392



How to get a quote for my shipping vehicle?

To get a quote for shipping your vehicle, you can use the ‘get a quote’ button on our website, or you can call (954)288-0392 to receive a quote from one of our representatives.

How do I pay?

We accept all major money orders, credit cards, bank/certified check for the deposit or full pre-payment of your delivery.

What details do I need to give to place an order?

1. Address for the locations of pick-up and drop-off
2. Name and phone of the contact person at both locations.
3. Date your vehicle will be ready
4. Model of the vehicle(s) that needs to be transported.

Does someone have to be present at the pick-up and delivery points?

Yes, there must be someone to send and receive the shipment as there are some papers that need signatures. This person can be anyone, a friend, family, or acquaintance over the age of 18 that you trust with releasing or accepting the shipment.

Does someone have to be present at the pick-up and delivery points?

Yes, there must be someone to send and receive the shipment as there are some papers that need signatures. This person can be anyone, a friend, family, or acquaintance over the age of 18 that you trust with releasing or accepting the shipment.

Is my vehicle insured during transport?

All shipments include basic insurance coverage during transit.

Do I need a license plate on a vehicle to ship it?

No, we only need the vehicle and its keys.

When will my vehicle be delivered?

The transit time for your vehicle is based mostly on the mileage between the pickup location and the delivery point.

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