22 Jul

Choosing The Right Transport Company


How to choose the best moving company? Many users face a challenge when choosing the right moving company. Due to massive offers that cheap moving companies pour in the market, it is essential to know how to choose the best moving companies in North Carolina.

Ten Tips And Tricks On How To Choose The Best Moving Company:

  1. Do not accept quotes over the phone. It will avoid possible later modifications.
  2. Formalize a contract. Any verbal commitment can be broken, and there is no record of it.
  3. Check that the moving company complies with the requirements established by law. That it is registered and has civil and merchandise liability insurance.
  4. Check the merchandise insurance they offer you. Some companies give you insurance less than the actual value. For example, if your belongings cost $ 30,000, they give you insurance of $ 12,000 and charge you a significant supplement, which increases the price of the move considerably. The insurance must be of the real value of the merchandise, without supplements.
  5. If you want the contents of furniture, books, kitchen utensils, clothing to be packed, some companies carry out the day before, at no cost to the consumer. It is much safer option.
  6. Pack your belongings might sound cheaper, but you may end up with a nightmare. Some of the best moving companies usually have more means and a variety of packaging systems: cupboards, closet boxes, quality bubble wrap. In addition, they do not take responsibility for the contents of the boxes that you pack because they do not know the condition of the objects before they were packed.
  7. If you decide to have the furniture packed for you, choose a moving company in North Carolina to carry out this task securely and at no additional cost.
  8. Dismantling and assembling furniture is an operation that does not usually present problems. It is in the assembly of furniture where you have to be careful. Ensure that all the furniture is in place and, very importantly, that all the shelves, display, and shelves are correctly installed and fixed to the wall. There are removal companies that provide this service at no additional cost. Be wary of excessively cheap companies, bargains do not exist, and the final quality may not be desired.
  9. Try to choose the best moving company that is part of a regional association. These companies usually pass filters to be to attain registration in these associations, with which they will be able to give you more guarantees.
  10. Do not look only at a price. The services they offer you for that price is an important fact when choosing a moving service.

Before Hiring, Ask The Moving Company:

  • Do you have insurance? Customized or comprehensive? For the actual amount of my merchandise or with supplements?
  • Did the company hire staff without documentation? Is there a problem showing these workers before the move?
  • Do they pack everything? Do they unpack at the new address and leave it in place? Do you have closets for hanging clothes? At what price? Do you have cup holders for porcelain and fragile items?
  • Do they dismantle everything? Do they assemble the furniture and the shelves and fix them if there is a need?


With these guidelines and tips, you will surely be right when selecting the best moving company in North Carolina.

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