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Need to ship a car to college? We’re here to help!

Why college students prefer Asap Auto Transportation


Parents... we understand some moving decisions are last minute! Contact us today for a guaranteed rate on your vehicle shipment to match a guaranteed pick up and arrival date.

Affordable Vehicle Transportation

We offer the cheapest auto transport quotes around while being realistic. Tell your auto transport agent the quote received for your vehicle shipment and we'll let you know if your time is being wasted.

Extra luggage allowed

You are allowed up to 100 pounds of personal items safely secured in the trunk during your vehicle shipment. Want to bring more? Ask an ASAP Auto Transportation specialist the cheapest and safest way to add more weight to your auto transport.

Fsu Attendance

Student's attending Florida State University will receive 10 percent off their shipping rate! We are alumni and very familiar with the area. Ask your auto transport specialist for the best places to eat and party in town!

Why ASAP Auto Transportation is the best way to get your car to the campus

Industry leading

We are on the list of top growing companies in America. Our service and professionalism speak for our credibility across the state. Our exclusive customer support and commitment make us the leader in the industry.


We understand the depth of student’s pockets. With exclusive offers and benefits, and easy payment methods, ASAP Auto Transport is ready to stay on budget with you.

Flexible delivery options

People who are relocating and moving book transport shipment with ASAP every day. We have experience in transporting vehicles with convenient pick-up and delivery options.

Live chat

Keep track of your booking and know how far your car is from campus or when it will reach at your home, just hop on to our live chat pop up and ask for an update.

Students and faculty member’s top vehicle shipment company

College students’ and teachers’ best choice of

Good to know

We at ASAP, only employ experienced drivers who under-go extensive training procedures following all the rules and regulations. You should always be provided with auto hauler’s personal insurance policy before the vehicle shipment takes place.

Why choose us?

ASAP Auto Transportation is a 5 Star Rated family-owned and operated auto transport company. We work around the clock with multiple licensed, bonded and insured carriers and ensure great customer service and communication.

Satisfied customers

In business

Cars delivered nationwide

Trucker network

FAQs by College Kids

Yes! We have experience of shipping to and/from every campus across the state.

No, at this time we do not offer any discounts.

Yes, but only if you are transporting your car by land.

Yes, there must be someone to send and receive the shipment as there are some papers that need signatures. This person can be anyone, a friend, family, or acquaintance over the age of 18 that you trust with releasing or accepting the shipment.

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