Pros and Cons of Open Auto Transport

Pros: When using an open auto hauler your car shipment will be quicker and cheaper than enclosed auto transport. In addition, there are more open car hauling companies opposed to enclose. This simplifies the preferred shipping and arrival time.

Shipping by open carrier is far more cost effective. Seven to ten vehicles can be loaded onto a two-tier trailer and shipped at one time, which is more affordable. Plus, an open-auto hauler is lighter than an enclosed trailer, resulting in cheaper fuel costs.

Cons: An open transport trailer is open-air which means your vehicle shipment will be exposed to the weather. Your car may arrive in need of a wash since the Department of Transportation prevents the wrapping of your vehicle.

Useful Information: We only employ experienced drivers who under-go extensive training procedures with the most up to date equipment. You should always be provided with auto hauler’s personal insurance policy before the vehicle shipment takes place.

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